reflections, selfcare, weaving, wellness


Love has immense power. It can free us at the same moment it ensnared us. Binding us to others and place. It brings us intense joy and sorrow. The deeper the joy. The deeper the sorrow can be. We can crave love but be too scared of the sorrow and pain it may ultimately bring.… Continue reading Ensnared

mental health, reflections, weaving, wellness


Entangled As I wove this piece it morphed from the original idea to something of its own, my idea was a goddess figure instead she changed as she came into being. Entangled in the web of her life. She became a mortal woman, trapped in the web of her own making. Trapped All of us… Continue reading Entangled

mental health, reflections, weaving

Artist? Crafter? Maker? Weaver?

Trees of knowledge and life. I’m a maker. It’s an urge, it’s an itch I need to scratch. Making brings me peace and joy. It puts me into a state of flow. Lost in the making. I get lost in the making, sometimes I start with a plan. The making never really follows the plan.… Continue reading Artist? Crafter? Maker? Weaver?

Store Updates

January 2022

Due to the increasing Covid Cases in SA. Peter and I feel the need to limit our risk of exposure. During January the shop will be open by appointment. We will need 24 hours notice to open. To make an appointment:Phone: 0429457689Email: The online shop is always available: Virtual shopping appointments can also be… Continue reading January 2022


To a Louse

Rose said to me in the car, “I didn’t tell you mum because you’re so judgy” My heart fell. I felt the tears well. How could I have become the person I never wanted to be. Oh the gift that God could give us, to see ourselves as others see us.Robert Burns We don’t see… Continue reading To a Louse