Playing with Paper

Handmade Cards

Cards for Dad I’ve been enjoying making cards. Playing with scissors and glue. I thought it would be easy, but I’m learning that making cards is like any creative pursuit. It takes time, skill and knowledge. A simple card can say so much, with very little words. Card making does require a sound understanding of… Continue reading Handmade Cards


Finding the positive / mental health post

Please do not read further if discussions of mental health are not something you wish to participate in or you find triggering. Too often I focus on the negative. It’s actually something that is hard wired into us as humans. It kept us safe from the lions and other dangers. Positive traits - creativity For… Continue reading Finding the positive / mental health post


Leahcim Wool

Pure delight My little shop has given me a wonderful community of friends and supporters. It’s also given me many opportunities to learn and grow. From my little shop, I’ve had the opportunity to teach for Craft Fairs and online with Rebecca Page. And to set up my own online school, which has been another… Continue reading Leahcim Wool