I found her again..

This mornings walk I found my inner mother. My inner child has been running wild for a few years now. She’s eaten ice cream at all hours. Crammed in enough chocolate cake to feed a hoard of starving monsters. She’s stayed up late playing on her phone until all hours. She’s hung around people who… Continue reading I found her again..

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Taking the steering wheel

I learned to drive in Alice Springs. Wasn’t a lot of traffic or traffic lights back in 1990 in Alice. My first car trip by myself to Adelaide was a scary one. Back then there were no Google or Apple maps to guide you. When I had lived in Adelaide I had been driven around… Continue reading Taking the steering wheel

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Focusing on what I can control

first 5k walk in years! I wasn't going to update until Saturday, I changed my mind. I'm too excited and enthusiastic to wait until then. Since the last post, I have walked every day, drank 2 litres of water, worn my smart watch and counted my steps. I have controlled what I can control. I… Continue reading Focusing on what I can control

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Drawing a line, setting intention and accountability

I kept it off over 5 years… It’s time to make a commitment to myself. A commitment to be healthy. To be active. To live my best life. Ten years on 8.10.21 My weight has always been an indicator of my mental health. When my mental health spirals down, my weight spirals up. Any crisis… Continue reading Drawing a line, setting intention and accountability


Australian Fibre Art Award 2021

The 2021 AFAA showcase book I snuck behind The Gnome’s back and gleefully sponsored the inaugural AFAA. Fibres are my passion and I’m at my happiest discovering a new way to play with them. To make something from fluff, it’s a true magic. Transforming fibre with the wave or two of a hand. How can… Continue reading Australian Fibre Art Award 2021