Dorset Buttons

It’s all Glenda’s doing.. I was lucky enough to attend a Retreat hosted by Jane of Moseley Park and Kathy of Kathy’s fibres at the gorgeous and fascinating Bungaree Station. The retreat is annually run and unfortunately was cancelled last year due to the interesting times we live in. I love this retreat. All the… Continue reading Dorset Buttons

Adventures Of Betsy


Stunning vistas Betsy and I headed off for an adventure. We hit the road heading for Hawker in the Flinders Rangers. On the way we visited historic sites. Kanyaka Homestead is north of Quorn, a reminder how isolated this country was prior to motorisation. The water hole was lovely and still used for watering stock… Continue reading OUTBACK ADVENTURES

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Celebrating the small

I painted these!! One of my goals this year is to try new things. I started Activation Therapy, I didn’t stick with it. 🙄 I did however get a couple of takeaways from it. 1. Setting small achievable goals is important for improving mental health. Even the smallest step forward is a step towards getting… Continue reading Celebrating the small

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Why Batch?

Noah’s Promise When working on repeating blocks. I like to complete the first one. Then I batch the rest. Batching blocks I find batching to be a faster way to work. Eliminating the need to search out the next colour. And in more complicated blocks, I find it’s easier to keep the pattern in my… Continue reading Why Batch?