Junk Journals, YouTube

Peter Rabbit Junk Journal

Creating Junk Journals has become a favourite past time of mine.

The saying goes,

“if your hobby becomes your business you need another hobby!”

With that in mind and inspired by my taking up of journaling for my mental well being, I discovered the joy of taking books and recycling them into fun journals.

My children were horrified to see me cutting up books. I on the other hand think it’s perfectly ok to take something that gathers dust and transform it into something I will enjoy using.

In this journal, I used printable I bought from Etsy, papers that came from scrapbooking magazines and the large bookmarks came from a Daphne’s Diary.

The Etsy Printables came from:

I used bits of lace and ribbons, that were in my studio from my sewing days.

There are so many wonderful Junk Journal Flip Throughs on YouTube, I spend way too much time watching and being inspired by others creations.

I can’t wait to start using my ‘new’ journal!

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