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Crochet Basket – Tutorial

Crochet Basket

I sat at the tables of Zest Cafe and recorded another YouTube tutorial last week. I like getting out of the shop on a sunny day. Saying hello to friends and strangers. It’s good for Tazz too, to be social. I’ve worked out it’s best to record the videos, then add a voice over in the editing. The sound is better and I don’t waffle as much!

Moving time

The packing up of the Clare shop has started. I’m sad, excited and a little overwhelmed.

The webstore is currently down, as I make the move to Jamestown with the stock. Once the stock is sorted, counted and listed, the webstore will go live again.

I’m in no-mans land at present. Unsure of where the future is heading. Will I be full-time at home running KSW? Or will I be off on another life adventure with KSW as a hobby?

Will I renew my teacher’s registration and return to paid employment? Or will I return to study? Or retire and spend more time with the family? Will I run away in Betsy??

Attitude of gratitude

Life is an exciting adventure. So many options. I’m certainly privileged to have so many options. I’m grateful for my privilege.

I hope you enjoy!

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