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Freedom and Peace

It’s the journey, not the destination in life, that is where the joy and freedom are. Staying in this very moment.

When I am practicing mindfulness and staying in this moment, I am free. Free of the overthinking, free of regrets, free of binge eating and at peace with myself. That negative voice is quietened.

It’s easy to get caught up in the past and worries about the future. Constantly dwelling on what has already happened or fretting about what may come, robs the joy and freedom that living in the present moment brings. To alleviate the emotional pain I distract myself with eating.

Training my mind to stay in the present moment has changed my mental health and physical health.

Staying mindful, one day at a time. Over 97kg to less than 70kg
Sitting with uncomfortable emotions and no longer distracting with food.

Letting go of the past

Regret comes from dwelling on past choices, actions, mistakes or missed opportunities. Replaying the past in my mind only brings more negative emotions and stops me moving forward.

These tips help me move past the over thinking :

a) Accepting the past: Acknowledge that what’s done is done and that dwelling on it won’t change anything. Embrace the lessons learned and use them to be a better me.

b) Practicing self-compassion: Instead of berating myself for my mistakes, I can accept I am human and mistakes are all part of learning. Treating myself with kindness, forgiveness, and understanding.

c) Focusing on the present: Shifting my attention to the present moment. In this very moment I have the power to make choices that align with my values. Choices that are authentically who I am.

Breaking free from worry

My worries come from trying to predict a future that may never happen.

a) Acknowledging I have no control: Much of what I worry about is nothing I can actually control. Instead of wasting energy on worrying about things I can’t change, focus on what I can control – my thoughts and actions in this moment.

b) Practicing gratitude: By working at developing a mindset of gratitude, noticing the blessings in my life, I can shift my focus from what could go wrong to what is going right.

c) Being mindful: Mindfulness is the practice of intentionally paying attention to the present moment without judgment. By learning mindfulness through techniques like meditation, deep breathing, or taking time to do things that bring me joy, I train my mind to stay grounded in the present and let go of worries about the future.

The path to freedom

Is in the present moment, letting go of the past and the future. It takes work, self-compassion and effort to retrain the mind. It is another of those simple ideas that are not easy. Like losing weight. Eat less, move more.

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