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Joy is in the moments.

I’ve learned so much over the last year.

Finding the joy in the moment, is one of the life changing skills. The practice of mindfulness is one of the four skill areas taught in DBT.

Today’s joyful moments included:

1. Tazz sitting on my lap, while I read a book and drank my first Iced Latte for this Spring.

2. A mindful walk with Tazz. Enjoying his joy of finding the next spot to sniff. Smelling the blossoms. Seeing the trees moving in the breeze. Feeling a slight breeze, hearing the rustling of leaves.

3. Visiting the op-shop and finding some Little Golden Books to transform into Junk Journals.

4. Connecting with a visitor over our mutual love of creating.

5. Watching a group of new mums connecting and hearing the mew of newborns.

Focusing on the moment has taught me that life is peaceful and joyful when my mind is present, not wandering off to the past or future.

Learning to be mindful takes practice and takes conscious effort. It’s simple but not easy.

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