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The Red Sheep – Change takes courage

Hummocks Station

Once upon a time, in a quaint little farm nestled in a peaceful valley, there lived a sheep named Ruby. Ruby was no ordinary sheep. With her vibrant red wool and spirited personality, she stood out from the rest of the flock. Yet, she longed for something more than the monotonous routine of grazing in the fields.

The farm was run by a kind-hearted farmer named Mr. Johnson. He had cared for the sheep for many years, making sure they were well-fed and safe. However, Mr. Johnson, like many farmers, was set in his traditional ways. He believed that the sheep should stay within the boundaries of the farm, never venturing beyond the familiar fields.

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Breaking Free

One day, Ruby couldn’t ignore the yearning in her heart any longer. She knew there was a world beyond the farm, waiting to be explored. With determination in her eyes, she slipped through a gap in the fence and ventured into the unknown.

As Ruby wandered through lush meadows and climbed steep hills, she felt an overwhelming sense of freedom. The world was vast and full of wonders she had only dreamed of. Ruby reveled in the beauty of nature, the warmth of the sun, and the gentle whisper of the wind.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, Mr. Johnson noticed Ruby’s absence. Panic surged through him as he searched high and low, calling out for his beloved sheep. He feared that Ruby had been lost or harmed, and his heart ached at the thought.


Days turned into weeks, and Ruby became a legend among the neighbouring farms. Her red wool was easily recognised by all who encountered her, and her spirit inspired those who heard her tale. They marveled at her courage and her desire to explore a world beyond the farm’s boundaries.

One evening, as the sun began to set, Mr. Johnson received an unexpected visitor. It was a neighboring farmer, Mr. Thompson, who had encountered Ruby during his travels.

“Mr. Johnson,” Mr. Thompson began, his voice filled with admiration, “I have seen your Ruby, and I must say, she is something extraordinary. She carries a spark of life that is rare to find. She has taught me the value of embracing the unknown, stepping out of our comfort zones, and finding beauty in unexpected places.”

Mr. Johnson listened intently, his heart swelling with both worry and pride. He realized that Ruby’s journey had touched the lives of many, including his own.

The Change Maker

“Mr. Thompson, thank you for sharing your experience with me,” Mr. Johnson replied, his voice filled with a mix of gratitude and concern. “I have always cared for my sheep, but perhaps I have been too protective. Ruby’s courage has shown me that there is more to life than the safety of the farm. I want her to be free, to explore and embrace her individuality.”

With newfound determination, Mr. Johnson set out to find Ruby. He journeyed far and wide, following the stories and traces of her red wool. Eventually, he found her grazing peacefully in a meadow, surrounded by a flock of sheep who had found solace in her presence.

Acceptance And Love

Ruby turned to see Mr. Johnson approach, her eyes filled with a mixture of joy and relief. The two locked eyes, their connection unspoken but deeply felt.

“I understand now, Ruby,” Mr. Johnson whispered, his voice filled with emotion. “You have shown me that true happiness lies in embracing our true selves and allowing others to do the same. From this day forward, you and the flock will have the freedom to explore the world beyond the farm. I accept the change, and I am grateful for the lessons you have taught me.”

Embracing Change

And so, Ruby and the flock of sheep continued to roam the hills, their vibrant wool a symbol of freedom and self-expression. Mr. Johnson, once reluctant to let them go, now celebrated their individuality and embraced the change that had transformed his farm into a place of acceptance and growth.

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