Meditation for Knitters – finding peace.

I have struggled to meditate in the past. I’ve since learned that the only way to do meditation wrong, is to not do it.

I find the rhythm of my needles helps me to relax and focus into a state of mindfulness.

I hope you enjoy my first meditation and mindfulness video. The footage were taken on the beautiful Eyre Peninsula on my last adventures with Betsy.

Taking time away from my shop and family helps me to focus on my mental health. To practice many of the skills I learned in Dialectic Behaviour Therapy.

It can be difficult to take the time to care for ourselves. There are a lot of expectations we take on from society of what it is to be a parent and partner and how we should behaved.

I’ve had the occasional comment that I have inferred as a negative judgement on me ‘abandoning’ my family and expecting too much of Peter.

My inner Red Sheep is helping me to be strong and live my authentic best life. Throwing off the chains of societies norms.

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