Turning Envy into Admiration: The Power of Shifting Perspectives

Each new day

Every day is a new day and we get to choose how we want to show up.

Today is a new day, even if you were wrong yesterday, you can get it right today.

Dwight Howard

Envy is an emotion that I have experienced in my life, many times. It is a personal flaw I’m focusing on removing.

Dwelling in envy has not been good for my well-being and relationships. I now focus on flipping envy to admiration as a way to transform how I see the world around me.


The benefits are:

  1. It encourages my personal growth: Rather than allowing envy to consume me, shifting to admiration allows me to focus on self-improvement. By acknowledging and appreciating the qualities or achievements of others, I can use them as inspiration to develop myself in those areas.
  2. It has strengthened my relationships: Envy creates tension and animosity. When I cultivate admiration, it improves the way I perceive others and enhances the relationship. I celebrate their successes genuinely and this builds a positive connection based on mutual respect.
  3. Enhances my self-esteem: Continuously comparing myself to others destroys my self-esteem. By transforming envy into admiration, I acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of others while recognising my own uniqueness.
  4. Positive mindset: Admiration promotes a positive outlook on life. Instead of feeling bitter or resentful, I adopt a more optimistic perspective. I see possibilities rather than limitations, which can lead to increased motivation and perseverance in my own pursuits.
  5. Inspiration and motivation: Admiring others’ achievements can fuel my own ambition. I can learn from their experiences, techniques, and strategies, applying them to my own goals. It can push me to strive for excellence.
  6. Building a supportive community: When I admire others, it creates an environment of support and encouragement. By expressing genuine admiration, I uplift others and contribute to a positive and nurturing community. This, in turn, cultivates reciprocity, as others are more likely to admire and support me as well.
  7. Heightened creativity: Admiration can spark creativity by exposing me to new ideas and perspectives. By appreciating the unique skills and talents of others, I open myself up to learning and expanding my own creative horizons.

For me , envy is a toxic emotion that hinders my growth and damages my self-esteem. By consciously shifting envy to admiration, I can transform envy into a force for positive change. The benefits are abundant: personal growth, strengthened relationships, enhanced self-esteem, positive mindset, inspiration, motivation, building a supportive community, and heightened creativity.

I am committed to being a better person today than I was yesterday.

Better Thoughts, Better Decisions, Better Actions.

I am now embracing the transformative power of admiration and I can celebrate the achievements of others while embarking on my own journey of self-improvement and success.

2 thoughts on “Turning Envy into Admiration: The Power of Shifting Perspectives”

  1. Flipping envy to admiration is indeed very healthy, and I can attest practicing it regularly makes it easier! This kind of positivity helps build communities that really stand out as engaged, kind, thoughtful and supportive.
    Btw, I remember when you first opened your yarn shop in Clare – there were plenty of people who wished it was theirs!

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