Weaving on my Sampleit Loom

Weaving on Ashford’s Sampleit loom is a truly wonderful experience for a multitude of reasons.

Firstly, this compact and versatile loom provides a perfect platform for both beginner weavers and seasoned artisans to explore their creativity.

Its simple yet sturdy design makes it easy to set up and use, ensuring a smooth weaving process.

The Sampleit loom also offers a great range of possibilities, allowing weavers to experiment with different yarns, textures, and patterns.

Its portability adds to its charm, enabling weavers to indulge in their craft wherever they go. Mine is always included on my adventures in Betsy The Van.

From creating intricate designs to weaving beautiful textiles, the Sampleit loom embodies the joy of weaving, making it an absolute delight for anyone passionate about this age-old art form.


Warp: Grey 4ply yarn with sparkle Weft: White 4 ply yarn with Sparkle

Loom & Equipment

  • Ashford 25 cm Sampleit
  • 10dpi 30/10 Heddle
  • Pick up Stick
  • Reed hook, scissors, tapestry needle.

Pick Up Pattern (NOTE 1)

With heddle in down position

use a pattern stick to pick up ( 1 up, 1 down) repeat.

Weaving Sequence (NOTE 2)

  • Shot 1. Up.
  • Shot 2. Pick-up stick. 
  • Shot 3. Up. 
  • Shot 4. Down. 
  • Repeat these 4 rows for pattern.

Warp (96 ends)

Using Clamps and warping peg, direct warp 220cm in the Grey 4ply yarn, using a 10dpi heddle, through all 48 slots.

Wind warp with even tension onto back beam, using warp separators.

With reed hook take one of the thread from each slot and thread it into the hole on the left.

Tie warp to warp stick, evenly adjusting tension.

Place warp separator in shed. Weave through waste yarn to spread warp.


Wind Shuttle with white 4ply yarn.

Weave 5 cm of plain weave, leaving 1m of yarn at start for working hemstitch.

Work hemstitch, in groups of 3 ends.

Place Pattern stick behind heddle, using pick up pattern. (Note 1)

Weave in sequence as detailed in (Note 2) Until weaving is near completion.

Weave 5 cms of plain weave.

Cut yarn leaving 1 m to use for hemstitching. Hemstitch in groups of three ends.


Finish fringe as desired and trim even.


Wash and soak in warm water for 20 mins. Roll in a towel and squeeze out excess water.  Pull into shape and lay flat to dry.

Watch the YouTube Tutorial to see how I worked a crochet edge along the selvedge.

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