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Rigid Heddle Scarf Pattern (FREE)

I do love my weaving. I find it incredibly relaxing. The repetitive movement of the shuttle back and forth soothe my at times over stimulated brain and emotions. BPD has been described as living with your emotions raw, like having skin ripped off. I can relate.

I used my Ashford 25cm Sampleit to weave the scarf. They can be purchased on my web store or instore. When purchased in store, I offer free assembly and a lesson!

Another activity I find calms me and helps me be present is a walk in the forest. I’m fortunate to live close to Bundaleer Forest and went out there for a walk this morning, with Fern and Tazz, recording the intro and outro of the YouTube tutorial while I was there.

This is the first time I’ve publicly shared a weaving pattern I’ve written, gentle feedback is welcome. I do hope you like it.

I often sell my woven scarves, but this one is all mine 😍.


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