Goth Cowl

Who doesn’t like matching collar and cuffs?

I’ve designed the Goth Cowl to be a simple knit that matches the Goth Cuffs.

I have included a YouTube Tutorial of how I cheat and avoid the sewing up, by casting off through the cast on stitches.


Yarn: Worsted Weight Yarn 50 gms Needles: 5.5mm Notions: tapestry needle

Tension – Not crucial


w&t – wrap and turn.


Short rows are worked using a ‘wrap and turn’ technique. 

  • 1.  Bring the yarn forward
  • 2.  Slip the next stitch from the left needle to the right needle
  • 3.  Bring the yarn back
  • 4.  Slip the stitch back onto the left needle, trapping the working yarn between that stitch and the second stitch on the left hand needle. 
  • The wrap and turn is used to prevent a hole when knitting short rows.
  • Width can be varied by increasing or decreasing the number of stitches cast on.

Cast on 34st
Row 1 &2   knit to end

Row 3   knit 7 w&t

Row 4    knit to end

Row 5 – 8         knit to end

Repeat Row 1-8 until cuff fits comfortable around the head when stretched. Mine was 40 cm along edge opposite flare.

Cast off  use my special cast off as shown in my Youtube video or cast off loosely and finish by sewing cast on to cast off edge.


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