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Worsted Cables and Moss Stitch

The Worsted Cables and Moss Stitch Beanie is finally complete. It’s taken a little longer to get to as I’ve been busy travelling around and looking after myself. And working on a new strategy to pay the lease! The original blog post, which has the bulky and dk versions on it, will be updated with the worsted pattern too.

I’m aiming to monetise my YouTube Channel and add ads to the blog to generate income to pay the lease. As many in retail will tell you, we’re doing it tough, like everyone else. In an effort to get the shop through this difficult time I’m writing, publishing and recording my patterns to YouTube.

I’m very much enjoying the new direction. I’m loving the challenge of thinking up new videos and patterns to share. This is very much helped by learning to be the master of my thoughts. By telling the negative self talk to take a hike, by no longer being a ‘mind reader’ and thinking others are judging me. By accepting I will never be perfect and that is perfectly fine! Life has changed a lot in the last year since my BPD diagnosis and commenced DBT.

I’m freer to try new things and make mistakes now, I’m being mindful of my thoughts and surrendering to the universe. Knowing that I am just a speck in a very big universe.

I’m learning I do not have to please others. I do not have to put up with negative people, I can choose not to give them space in my life or head. That space is now being filled with positive people and thoughts which inspire me to be a better person.

Please consider helping me by subscribing to the YouTube Channel and watch a few videos.


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