Warmth and Style: Knitted Wristlets/Cuffs – Goblets

As the temperature drops, it’s time to break out your knitting needles and add some cozy accessories to your wardrobe. Knitted wristlets/cuffs are the perfect combination of warmth and style, keeping your hands toasty while adding a fashionable touch.


Knitted wristlets/cuffs are not just an accessory; they serve a practical purpose too. They provide warmth to your hands while leaving your fingers free for tasks that require dexterity. Whether you’re knitting, typing on a keyboard, texting on your phone, or simply holding a warm cup of cocoa, these wristlets offer the perfect balance between comfort and functionality.


One of the greatest advantages of knitting your own wristlets/cuffs is the ability to customize them according to your personal style. You can experiment with a myriad of vibrant colors and pattern combinations to create accessories that speak to your unique fashion sense. Opt for complementary hues to create a harmonious look or go for bold contrasts to make a statement. The possibilities are endless!

Tips for a good fit

To ensure that your wristlets/cuffs fit well, pay attention to your tension. Adjust your needle size or yarn weight accordingly to achieve your desired measurements. Remember, everyone’s hands are different, so adjust the needles or stitch count as needed.


Don’t be afraid to try different yarn types and textures. Acrylic yarn offers softness and comfort, while wool adds additional warmth and a touch of luxury. Experiment with variegated yarns to create interesting color patterns or choose self-striping yarns for a simple yet striking design. Enhance the visual appeal of your wristlets/cuffs by incorporating embroidery, embellishments and buttons, to make your wristlets truly one-of-a-kind.

Economic yardage/meterage

This free pattern is a fabulous way to use up that odd 8ply 50gm ball. Designed to be worn with the flare over the hand or sleeve, they fill the gap between your jacket sleeve and gloves, or add a trendy flare at the wrist.

Tips for knitting with straight needles

Wristlets can also be knitted flat if you prefer and seamed when completed. To do this follow the instructions, eliminating joining in the round. Ensuring the curled edges and flared section are knit in stocking stitch. Knitted on the public side of the cuffs and purling on the back. Once completed use mattress stitch to seam.


  • Yarn: 8 ply 
  • Needles: 3.5mm dpns, or preferred needles for knitting in the round.
  • Notions: stitch marker


S, M & L


Not Crucial, you want a slightly firmer fabric with elasticity. Adjust cast on st number by 4 sts to adjust size.


  • Rnd, rnds – round/s
  • Dpns – double pointed needles.
  • St – stitch
  • Kk – knit
  • Pp – purl
  • kfb- knit into front and back of stitch, creating an increase.


A fun fast project, great for keeping warm and using up that odd ball of 50gm DK/8ply yarn.

Wear them with the flare up the arm or at the wrist.

Pattern Instructions

Make 2

Cast on 32 (36, 40) sts on 4mm needles join in round.

Rnds 1- 12: Knit

Rnd 13 – 27  (k1,p1)

Rnd 28 (k3,kfb) (40/45/50sts)

Rnd 29 – 35 knit

Rnd 37 (k5, m1) (48/54/60sts)

Rnd 38 – 41 knit

Rnd 42 purl

Rnd 43 – 48 – knit

Cast off loosely

Download PDF

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