Puff – A crochet beanie.

Who doesn’t love a crochet puff stitch? This beanie was fun to design and make. The first version featured three repeats of the pattern to make a baggy beanie, big enough to contain my rather wild and wooly hair.


  • Yarn: 250 m of 8ply
  • Hook: 3.5mm
  • Notions: tapestry needle


Starting ch 2 does not count as a st. Work begging st in base if ch2.

Puff:  Yarn over and insert your hook into the specified stitch/space.  Yarn over again and pull up a long loop.  (Yarn over and insert your hook into the same stitch/space.  Yarn over again and pull up a long loop) four more times.  Yarn over and pull through all 11 loops on your hook. Ch 1 to close the Puff Stitch.

Fptr, Bptr: yarn over, insert the hook from front to back / back to front around the post of the stitch, yarn over and pull up a loop, then (yarn over and pull through 2 loops) twice.

Adjust the fit of the beanie when working the brim adjusting the number of trebles worked in the first round.

Hidden back loop: horizontal line at the back of the stitch.

For a baggy version, repeat rounds 4-9 twice.

Abbreviations – UK

  • Ch- chain
  • Tr – treble
  • Fptr – front post treble.
  • Bptr – back post treble
  • Slst- slip stitch
  • Puff – puff stitch refer to notes.
  • Rnd – Round

Ch 90 loosely, join in the round

Rnd 1. Ch 2, tr in each ch around, working into the back of ch. Slst to join. (90tr)

Rnd 2 & 3 ch 2, bptr around each tr, slst to join (90tr)

Rnd 4 ch2, tr in each st to end, slst to join.

Rnd 5, 2ch (puff, 2 tr) slst to join. (30 puff 60tr)

Rnd 6 2ch ( tr in cl, sk ch, 2tr) slst to join.

Rnd 7 2ch tr in each st around, slst to join.

Rnd 8 & 9 2ch tr in hidden back loop, in each st around. Slst to join

Rep Rnd 4 – 9  once or twice more for baggy beanie.


Rnd 1 ch 2, (7tr, tr2tog) around slst to join (80tr)

Rnd 2 ch 2,  (6tr, tr2tog) around slst to join. (70tr)

Rnd 3 ch2, (5tr, tr2tog) around slst to join. (60tr)

Rnd 4 ch 2,  (4tr, tr2tog) around slst to join. (50tr)

Rnd 5 ch2,  (3tr, tr2tog) around slst to join. (40tr)

Rnd 6 ch2,  (2tr, tr2tog) around slst to join. (30tr)

Rnd 7 ch2, (tr3tog) around slst to join. (10tr)

Break yarn and finish. Thread yarn through top of trebles and cinch to close. Sew in end.


Rejoin yarn to start chain. 

Rnd 1 Ch2 and work 88sts spacing 2 skipped trs. In (2fptr, 2bptr)

Rnd 1 ch2 (2 fptr, 2bptr) around slst to join.

Rep Rnd 2 three more times.

Download the pattern

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