Being a human

I’ve not regretted my choice to no longer being on the socials. Since I deleted the accounts, I’ve been so much happier and more productive. Even in my roller coaster moments of BPD, I’ve found I am improved in how I manage.

No more the endless scrolling and comparing myself in not so positive ways to others. No more taking on the trauma of others who I most likely will never meet. No more getting upset by opinions that don’t meet my values of kindness, social equity and inclusion.

Today I am a better person than I was. I take the time to chat to people in store and in the courtyard. Many now give me a wave, smile and say hello in the morning. Tazz too has benefited getting out of his shell a little more each day.

I’ve designed, made and written so many patterns! and been confident enough to put them out into the world. Something I found scary before. I even handled the comment left accusing me of plagiarism, by deleting it and moving on. I didn’t need to justify it. Such a comment would of devastated me last year and stopped me putting my patterns out there.

I’m loving building my YouTube Channel. Putting up the videos and freely helping others to make what I make and find their joy in creating with their hands.

Woohoo 🎉

Thank you for being here ❤️

Much love

Tracy ❤️

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