Lattice Mitts

Fingerless mitts in 5ply crepe

I designed these mitts for my friend Kate, who liked the Lattice socks but wasn’t sure about how comfortable cables on her feet would be. I was planning on recording a tutorial for them, unfortunately my mojo has got up and gone.

BPD is often described as a roller coaster ride, with sudden ups and unexpected plummets. Even with all the skills I have learned in the last year with DBT, there are days when I’m not in the drivers seat. Learning to accept these days is hard. I’ve spent the last four days doing very little and the self talk has been busy telling me how ‘useless’ I am. I so hate that word ‘useless’, it brings with it feelings of inadequacy and failure.

Of course the more I beat myself up with the self talk, the more I dig myself into the depressive cycle. There are skills I’ve been taught such as TIPP, but when I’m feeling as crap and useless as I am right now, it takes more discipline than I have to actually do the skills taught in Emotion Regulation .

Today is a day to radically accept, it is what it is and to stop judging myself. And tomorrow is a new day.

I do hope you like the new pattern. The cable is the same as the socks and the YouTube tutorial for them covers the skills needed to make the mitts.

There are two more sock patterns written that will make there way to the blog soon.

4 thoughts on “Lattice Mitts”

  1. Dear Tracy
    You are way talented & articulate.
    Absolutely love reading your posts, and truly love your lattice socks & mittens xx ❤️🤗.

  2. Thank you for your lovely pattern. I’m sorry for your struggles. I also struggle with depression, and I have a daughter who denies her BPD, so I understand. And I applaud you for getting help and doing what you can, when you can.

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