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5 Ply Lattice Toe Up Socks

I do love knitting socks, in all types and weights of yarn. I believe you can never have too many socks.

The last few weeks I have designed and knitted 3 socks, just one of each as I wanted to video the second for my YouTube channel. With all the busyness of preparing for the retreat I couldn’t find time to disappear into the studio to quietly record. As a result I just made more designs. I’m definitely set with a few patterns to share to the blog and YouTube!

Plus I’m ahead with my next design for Yarn Magazine, feeling rather proud of myself. Although Peter is rather in love with that one and I may have to knit another to send to the photographer!

These socks are knit on Addi Crazy Trio needles, the instructions will work with magic loop, if you don’t have them. I choose Bluebell which is a 5 ply crepe yarn by Patons. The crepe construction makes the yarn wear better in socks.

The socks start from the toe, feature a double wrapped short row heel and I cast off with a stretchy cast off. The cable makes these a little more fun to knit.

Size: Adult

Yarn: 5ply crepe yarn, Patons Bluebell or Heirloom easycare 5ply. One ball of each red and grey.

Needles 3mm Addi crasy trio or 80cm circular needle for magic loop. Cable needle CN


  • St/s – stitch/es
  • Rnd/s – round/s
  • K – knit
  • P – purl
  • M1r – make one right
  • M1l – make one left
  • N1 – needle one
  • N2 – needle two
  • CN – cable needle
  • RCO – sl 2 sts onto CN and hold to back, k2, then k2 from CN
  • LCO – sl 2 sts onto CN and hold to front , k2, then k2 from CN
  • RC – sl 2 sts onto CN and hold to back, k2, then p2 from CN
  • LC – sl 2 sts onto CN and hold to front, p2, then k2 from CN
  • w&t – sl the next st wrap the yarn around it, slip it back onto the right needle and turn the work.


I worked my socks with Addi crazy trio, instructions will also work using magic loop method


Toe – using red yarn

Cast on 28st using Judy’s magic cast on. 14 sts on each needle.

Rnd 1 knit 

Rnd 2 on needle one (k2, m1r, knit to last 2sts on the new needle m1l, k1) rep (..,) for needle 2

Rep rnds 1 and 2 until there are 32 st on each needle (64)

Foot – change to grey yarn

Knit one round.

Cable Pattern

Rnd 1 N1 k5, p1, k2 (p4,k4) twice, p3, k5, N2 knit

Rnd 2 and all even rounds. Knit the knit sts, purl the purl sts.

Rnd 3 N1 k5, p1, k2, p4 RCO, p4, RCO, p3, k5, N2 knit

Rnd 5 N1 k5, p1 (LC, RC) repeat LC p1, k5, N2 knit

Rnd 7 N1 k5, p3 (LCO, p4) repeat k2, p1, k5 N2 knit

Rnd 9 N1 k5, p1, (RC, LC) twice, RC, p1, k5, N2 knit

Rnd 10 as rnd 2

Repeat rnd 3 to 10 forms pattern

Work in Cable pattern until foot measures …..

Drop the grey yarn and join in red yarn.

Short row heel – worked on N2 in red yarn, back and forth.

Decrease Section

Row 1 (RS): Knit to 1st before end of heel stitches, wrap and turn

Row 2 (WS): Purl to 1st  before end of heel stitches, w&t. 

Row 3: Knit to 1st  before last wrapped stitch, w&t. 

Row 4: Purl to 1st  before last wrapped stitch, w&t. 

Continue as established, working always to one stitch before the last wrapped stitch. Work until 10 stitches remain unwrapped in the centre, ending with a WS row.

Increase Section 

Row 1: Knit to first wrapped stitch, knit it (working the wrap with the stitch), w&t. (Note: Since the next stitch has already been wrapped, you are creating a double-wrapped stitch.) 

Row 2: Purl to first wrapped stitch, purl wrapped stitch, w&t. 

Row 3: Knit to first double-wrapped stitch, knit it (working both wraps with the stitch), w&t. 

Row 4: Purl to first double-wrapped stitch, purl it, w&t. 

Continue as established, always working the wraps of the wrapped stitches with the stitch itself, until all the stitches of the heel have been worked and you’re back to the number you started with.

Break red yarn

Leg – grey yarn

Maintaining cable pattern work leg for 10cm (or desired length)

Break grey yarn

Cuff – red yarn

Knit one round

Work k1, p1 rib for 10 rounds

Cast off loosely.

Acknowledgments: Cable pattern is from Knitting Fool

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