Colour work hat, I beg your pardon.

No video this week. The retreat starts this afternoon and I’ve been doing the last minute preparations for it.

I beg your pardon…

This pattern I wrote a year ago for a colour work class I ran over zoom.

Knit in Lopi Einband. which is a perfect yarn for colourwork.

Next week I’ll have a little more time to spend on the YouTube channel and will record a tutorial for knitting colourwork.

I have another pattern which I can include in tutorial

3 thoughts on “Colour work hat, I beg your pardon.”

  1. Ooooh very very nice indeed
    Looks so very lovely Tracy
    Wishing you all the very best and praying all goes well for your retreat xx

  2. Hey Tracy, I loved this online course. When will you please be able to pop up the video for colourwork please. I have actually forgotten, how to lock down floats. Thank you – Sharon

    1. Unfortunately my emails to you are bouncing back as gmail is blocking my email address. I no longer have the video. You are welcome to join me for knit night on Wednesday or craftanoon on Sunday. check the landing page for details of booking in.

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