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Daisy, Fred and their friends. A knitted story making kit.

Imagination and play are vital for children and adults! I’ve always enjoyed playing with dolls, making them and their clothes. I went through a stage of making Waldorf and other sewn dolls for my children. I made a few for selling at local markets too.

These little dolls and their houses are small for little hands. I can envision lots of imaginary play with the dolly friends visiting each others homes.

You really need to make a few as these little dolls would be very lonely without their friends!


  • 3.25mm 15cm double pointed needles
  • 4 mm straight needles for dress and house.
  • 8ply acrylic yarn scraps
  • Toy stuff
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle.


  • K – knit
  • P – Purl
  • K2tog – knit two stitches together
  • Yo – yarn over
  • Rnd/s – round/s
  • Rep – repeat


1. Where practical items are worked in the round to reduce seams.

2. Instructions enclosed in brackets ( …. ) are repeated.

3. Arms and legs are worked in icord.

Basic doll


Cast on 12 sts join in round.

Knit 12 rounds


Rnd 13 (k4, yo, k2tog) rep to end

Knit 10 rounds

Shape top of head

Rnd 24 (k2, k2tog) rep to end

Rnd 25 (k1, k2tog) rep to end

6 sts left break yarn, thread though live stitches and cinch closed

Arms work 3 sts icord 10cm

Legs 4 st icord 15cm


  • 1. Stuff head
  • 2. Thread arms through yo in doll
  • 3. Stuff body.
  • 4. Fold legs and place at opening. Sew securely in place, closing base of doll.
  • 5. Using a strand of yarn, sew running stitch around neck of doll. Pull to tighten and wrap yarn twice around neck to secure. Fasten and finish ends.
  • 6. Make hair by sewing long stitches from top of head to base of hair line. Pony tails can be made by sewing loops of yarn and making ‘ribbons’ with yarn.
  • Work two stitches on top of each other in centre of face to form nose. Sew small stitches for eyes and mouth.


Dolls can be knitted with their ‘clothes’ on by changing colours as you knit doll,

Example of how to knit clothes on doll

Doll House – worked flat in one piece from top of roof

With colour of roof Cast on 3 sts

Row 1 Sl1, kfb, k to end

Repeat row 1 until there are 22sts on the needle, change to colour for house.

Starting with a purl row, Work in stocking stitch for 32 rows, change to grass colour, work 6 rows stocking stitch.

Create Fold, – next row Purl on front

Work another six rows in grass. change to house colour work 28 rows, knit 4 rows.

Cast off and sew in ends

Duplicate stitch door and windows as per photo . Add flowers and outline windows.

Fold along fold and sew up sides. Add fabric lining if desired.


Dress – worked flat in rows

Cast on 50sts

Row 1 – 2 knit

rows 3- 12 work stocking stitch starting with knit row.

Row 13 (k 3, k2tog) to end

Row 14 purl

Row 15 (k2, k2tog) to end

Row 16 (p2tog) to end

Row 17 purl on front side of fabric

Row 1822 work stocking stitch starting with a Purl row

Row 23 k 4, yo, k2tog, to last 6 sts, k2tog, yo, k4 (armholes)

Row 24 & 25 purl

Cast off. Place on doll and sew centre back seam, the top of which can be left unsewn so dress can be removed for play.

Hat (crochet UK)

Begin with a MR (work in spiral)

Rnd 1 Work 6 dc into ring

Rnd 2 work 2 dc into each st.

Rnd 3 (2dc, 1dc) rep around.

Rnd 4 – 10 dc

Finish Break yarn

Shorts / pants

Cast on 14 sts Join in round

Rnd 1 purl

Rnd 2- 8 knit

Row 9  k6, kfb turn and work stst on these 8 sts until desired pants leg is reached. Cast off on purl side

Join yarn to held 6 sts

Next row k5, kfb, work stst on these 8 sts to match first leg

Sew up inside seams of pants


Cast on 16 sts. Join in round

Rnd 1 & 2 (k1,p1) to end

Rnd 3 – 7 knit

Rnd 8 ( k6, yo, k2tog) rep to end

Rnd 9 knit

Rnd 10 (k6, k2tog)rep to end (14 sts)

Rnd 11 (k5, k2tog) rep to end (12 sts)

Rnd 12 (k1,p1) to end

Cast off in rib. Sew in ends

Imagination and creativity story making kit

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