Big Family

Happy Easter 🐣

It’s noisy and there is something always going on when there are seven children in the family.

They’ve grown up so fast. As a new mum I was often told this but in the midst of nappy changes, feedings and toddler taming I was in a daze and really did not appreciate those early years as much as I should of.

Now they are mostly grown, the youngest a teenager. They may not need me anymore for the physical care but the emotional care and support is now paramount.

As they move into the adult world, finding their place. Peter and I are here for them, their anchor and safe harbour.

Having them all home this Easter, with their partners has filled this house and me with love.

Through the difficult times it can be hard to see the big picture of life and appreciate all I am grateful for. Depression is an awful disease it narrows our world to the smallest of views, we see only the troublesome details and not the wonder of the whole.

Always remember you are loved and there is a bigger picture out there for you too. Depression lies to you. Life can be good again and you can get better. I’m getting better.

Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.

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