Reverse SC is NOT crab stitch – Tapestry crochet three techniques.

I’m a lifelong learner, I’ll never know it all and never want to.

Years ago I purchased from an op-shop a copy of McCalls Knitting and Crochet encyclopaedia. (1971)

One of the projects in the book feature a crochet stitch I’d never seen before. A reverse single crochet (us). It’s not crab stitch, which is a twisted stitch worked from left to right.

The reverse single crochet is worked by inserting the hook from behind the stitch and pulling the yarn through by hooking over the top of the working yarn. Then the stitch is completed by pulling the working yarn through both stitches on the hook. Watch my YouTube video below.

Reverse single crochet (us) tapestry crochet

When reverse sc is used to create tapestry the faces of the stitches on the public (right) side of the work look very similar. The rows worked on the public side slant to the left slightly and the rows worked on the reverse side slight to the right. This keeps the fabric square unlike in the technique which works every row on the public side of the work.

Tapestry crochet worked in public only

When tapestry crochet is worked on the public side only the work slants to the right and requires to be blocked to square it up.

There are two ways to reduce this slant. One is to work into the back look on the stitch and the second is to place the stitch between to V of the stitch, creating a look similar to knitting.

Single crochet (us) worked back and forth

When the tapestry is worked with sc turning back and forth the edges of the pattern become blurred.

Three ways – top: back and forth sc/Dc left: front side only and right: sc/Dc front, reverse stitch worked on back.

What you will learn from my YouTube video;

  • How these three methods are worked.
  • The differences between the three methods.
  • How to work reverse stitch
  • How to change colours
  • The importance of tension when carrying yarn.
  • What to do with your sampled
  • And much more..
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If you would like to make your own sample, here is my chart.

Sample chart

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