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Slow Days

That horse tried to bite my bum!

I headed off in Betsy the Van for an adventure. Slowing down, focusing on some self care. Taking time to be in the world and out of my head.

I explored long deserted townships and stations and traveled to explore local towns. Living in Jamestown means I’m central to most of SA. A couple of hours to Adelaide heading south, or journey south west to the Yorke and the Flinders Rangers and outback just north. Or I can head east and be at the Murray or the Barossa if I go south east.

This time I headed bush. I went north.

When I’m away I also like to ‘work’. I play around with new pattern ideas. Make samples, sometimes record videos. As many of you know, organisation and Tracy do not belong in the same sentence. I generally have no plan.

I’ve taken up a new hobby.

I packed some fabric scraps and sewing supplies this trip and didn’t do any yarn based craft. Instead I indulged in some mindful stitching.

Let’s have an adventure!

I’m the podcast I keep saying O’Larrie but it’s not! It’s Oladdie!

Here’s a link to the Wiki Page for Johnburgh if you’d like to read up a little on the history.

The link to Yongala’s Wiki page and if you fancy owning a pub here’s the link to the listing! I did suggest to Peter it would make a great craft retreat… but it was a no. Seems one business that doesn’t make money is enough! 😂

If you do get time to watch do leave a comment and a thumbs up. Let me know someone is watching.

Regards, Tracy ❤️

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