Crochet faux rib

Crochet faux rib is a crochet stitch pattern that mimics the look of traditional ribbing fabric but is achieved through a combination of post stitches and front and back loop stitches.

This stitch pattern can be created using any type of yarn and a corresponding hook, making it quite versatile. Faux ribbing can be used in a variety of projects, including scarves, hats, sweaters, and blankets, to add texture and visual interest. It is especially helpful when creating a stretchy fabric or when working with slippery yarns that tend to shift out of place.

The stitch pattern itself may vary depending on the specific design or pattern being used.

Let’s explore three of the basic ribbing techniques.

Front and back post ribbing.

Back loop ribbing (includes hidden loop variation)

Overall, crochet faux rib is a great technique for adding dimension and texture to your crochet projects.

Grab your hook and join me.

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