Starting the big tidy up

Depression is a cruel disease. It takes away our spirit and joy and leaves us with our feet in quicksand. The more we try to fight it the deeper it seems to suck us in at times.

How it was yesterday!

Peter built me my studio about 10 years ago. A year before I had my major depression crash. There’s also a covered veranda for my dyeing and felting.

I lost interest in doing my crafts and Liam claimed the studio as his room. Then all the crap we didn’t know what to do with ended up there.
Then it was just too big a job to even start.

I’m amazed at how I lost touch with all the wonderful things I have in my life and stopped appreciating them and focused on the crap instead and everything just got harder and harder to deal with as I sunk into depression.

Depression is like quicksand it just sucks you down. Until you stop fighting and accept. For me learning the skill of radical acceptance from DBT therapy has been invaluable. I’ve stopped struggling and started accepting and I’m slowly rising from the quick sand of depression.

I’m rather hoping my own lived experience will help others too, to get help and accept. It’s too hard to do it on your own and there are very good therapies out there.

I’m discovering lost treasures in this room. The biggest one being me.

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