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Batik 🦇 ing with my girls

Using studio again

After a few years I’m able to use my studio again. Spending creative time with my girls, we are learning together. It’s been many years since I last played with wax resist dyeing, aka batik.

Fern’s precision isn’t going as planned

One of the joys of being creative with others is seeing how personality comes out into the work. Heather and I are a bit slap dash, let’s keep it simple and we’re done faster than the time it took the wax to melt.

Wham bam 💥

Fern was still going long after we were ironing out the wax.

See she can use an iron!
A creative afternoon with my girls

I’ve had such a lovely day making memories with my girls. We do have plans for our master pieces. But for today it’s a cuppa and a rest.

Now to get the photos printed so I can add to my scrapbook. Something to have in the lounge for the girls to flip through in the years to come. Reminding them too of the good moments in life. Filling their memory banks with good times to outweigh the challenges that life sends.

Today we filled our communal cup.

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