Cables without a cable needle.

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Using a cable needle when knitting cables is a traditional technique that many knitters find helpful in keeping their stitches organized and preventing them from getting twisted. However, some experienced knitters prefer not to use a cable needle for various reasons. Here are some benefits of not using a cable needle when knitting cables:

  1. Faster knitting: When you don’t use a cable needle, you don’t have to stop and start every time you cross a cable. This can save you a lot of time and make your knitting go faster.
  2. Portability: If you’re knitting on the go or traveling, carrying a cable needle may not be practical. Not using a cable needle makes it easier to knit cables without extra tools.
  3. Fewer tools to keep track of: If you’re a minimalist, not using a cable needle can simplify your knitting process by eliminating an extra tool to keep track of.
  4. Less chance of losing stitches: When using a cable needle, there is a risk of accidentally dropping stitches or losing them altogether. By not using a cable needle, you can reduce this risk.
  5. More control: Some knitters find that they have more control over their knitting when not using a cable needle. Without a cable needle, you can manipulate your stitches more easily and create tighter or looser cables.
  6. Fun and challenging: For some knitters, not using a cable needle can be a fun and challenging way to knit cables. It requires a bit of practice and skill, but once you get the hang of it, it can be very satisfying to create cables without using a cable needle.

Overall, not using a cable needle when knitting cables can be a personal preference or a matter of circumstance. If you’re new to knitting cables or unsure of your skill level, it may be best to start with a cable needle until you feel more comfortable

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