Social media free!

Since giving up the socials, I’m finding so many benefits. After the first week I wasn’t feeling the itch to check in anymore.

These are the benefits I have found:

  1. Improved mental health Giving up social media has improved my mental well-being. I’m no longer comparing myself and my business to others and more content with where I am in life.
  2. More free time: Social media was a time-consuming activity, and giving it up has freed up time for other activities such as sitting outside and chatting to others and designing more.
  3. Increased productivity: Without the distraction of social media, I have found I am more focused and productive.
  4. Better sleep: Giving up social media has improved my sleep I’m no longer on my phone before sleeping. Taking onboard all that extra anxiety from reading social media dramas.
  5. Stronger relationships: I have been building deeper connections with friends, customers and family in person, emails, direct messaging and calling more often.
  6. Reduced FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out): Giving up social media has reduced my anxiety and I am more content with my life.

Overall, giving up social media has given me a sense of freedom, increased contentment, freed up time and I feel more connected to those around me.

I’ve not seen any decline in my business. In reality I feel more connected to my customers. And I’m finding many of my customers do not use socials either.

Why not give it a try yourself? It does take a couple of weeks before the itch subsides but the benefits are worth it.

2 thoughts on “Social media free!”

  1. Very true, time consuming social media. It becomes an obsession.
    Oh, where is my phone. I cant go anywhere without my phone. Where before social media, I couldnt care. So will have to take on, not relying to have it 24/7. Have unjoined with a lot of groups.

    1. Yes, I’m always amazed how attached I am to the phone. I lived out bush for 4 years, traveling dirt territory roads and never had a mobile phone. And I survived perfectly well.

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