Self care – Filling the communal cup

Self care is often referred to as filling our own cup. Maybe I have it wrong and I need a communal cup?

Filling out cup

We can not pour from an empty cup..

What if instead of filling our own cup, we filled a cup we all shared? Making self care about more than ourselves, making it about our community?

This is an idea inspired by Chris Cheers’ book, ‘The New Rulebook’

If you put all your time and energy into filling your cup, you may be missing the point.You may need to find the leak and mend it. Or, maybe, you need a new cup.

Chris Cheer, The New Rulebook, p17

Throughout the last few years, we have all experienced countless emotions, forcing us to dive into uncharted waters of self care simply to survive. Panic attacks, anxiety, depression, and isolation can be some of the consequences of this very intense period of time. It is important that we nurture our mental and physical health before even thinking of replenishing someone else’s.

Self care has many forms, from getting enough sleep and forming a healthy eating plan to mental and physical exercise. Laughing and exploring creative ways of self-expression are also ways of nurturing the self.

It is essential to remember that everybody is different and different people require different types of self-care and healing. It is our responsibility to understand what works for us and commit to it.

The communal cup refers to taking care of ourselves, as well as caring for our loved ones and the global community. To regularly fill the communal cup, do whatever works for you, like setting aside a certain amount of time every day for self-care. This habit helps to create a more mindful and compassionate outlook towards oneself and others.

When we refill the communal cup, we become mindful of our own needs as well as others’. Rather than viewing caring for oneself as a selfish act, we begin to realize that it is the most responsible, compassionate and important thing we can do for those around us, our families and our global community.

Refilling the communal cup is a personal responsibility, but it is also an act of public service. Each one of us passes on the energy, love and compassion that we share with ourselves to those around us, setting an example of what it means to take care of oneself and others.

This self-care helps us to be present and strive for better relationships, fulfill our purpose and reach mutual understanding. So, let us make time to fill the communal cup, nourishing our needs and leading by example of how to spread love, compassion and understanding.

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