Throw enough colours into the mix and it will eventually work!

May’s crochet spiral

If you’ve ever picked up a paintbrush, created a hybrid of colours in an art project, or even tried to hit the perfect shade of lipstick, then you know the amazing power of colours. But, even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, it’s important to remember that colours can work to make many aspects of life a lot easier.


It may sound strange, but when it comes to problem solving, a little bit of colour can sometimes go a long way. That’s because adding even a tiny bit of colour to a conundrum or issue can often help you see it from a different perspective. With the right colours, you can better organize, prioritize, and strategize so you can get to the root of any problem and develop a plan of action.

Take a look at almost any colourful graph or chart and you’ll see how different colours are used to break down complex information into more manageable pieces. Everything from financial data to project reports can be organized in an easily comprehensible way, thanks to the savvy use of colours. Throw enough colours into the mix and it will eventually work!

C2C scrap blanket

The same is true in fashion. Have you ever been “stumped” when it comes to figuring out which colours and patterns would look best together? Taking a chance and mixing complementary colours can often result in a winning outfit that looks stylish, confident, and pulled together.

Plus, colours are also incredibly powerful when it comes to emotions. The colours we choose to wear and surround ourselves with can say a lot about our moods, mindset and even behaviour. Letting your emotions drive your colour choices often leads to creative solutions — and vibrant, inspired outcomes.

So, the next time life throws you a “mix” of troubling problems and you’re feeling stuck, recognize the power of colours and try to inject a little bit of hues into the equation. You may find that by throwing enough colours into the mix, you can eventually find a way to make it all work — and come out the other side with a beautiful and successful result.

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