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Don’t do it…

If you’re a keen knitter or crocheter, you may be tempted to start building a yarn stash.

It may seem strange that as a yarn shop owner I want to discourage you from over buying yarn! But as someone who cares about you and the world we live in, it makes a lot of sense.

Building a yarn stash may seem like a good idea, but it’s important to consider the cost, space, and how you will store it to prevent infestation by pests.

  1. Good yarn tends to be expensive – Money that could be used to buy better quality yarn you will use!
  2. Yarn can take up a lot of space – making it difficult to store and difficult to find the yarn you need when you need it.
  3. A ‘stash’ is something else that you need to take care of. An added responsibility to those of us already stretched to the limit caring for others.
  4. A stash limits creativity. A bit like having 52 TV channels and nothing to watch. We get overwhelmed and end up watching/making nothing.
  5. A stash limits your chance to make regular trips to the local yarn shop to show and telling your latest creation.
  6. Environmentally it’s not a great idea to have more than you need. Leading to increased production and waste.
  7. It makes moving house a nightmare.
  8. Your family will be incredibly grateful if they don’t have to make the decision about what to do with it all when you’re gone!

6 thoughts on “Don’t do it…”

  1. Well said, Tracy. I’ve bought some yarns just on the off-chance I might use them or because I liked the colour etc. I stopped doing that a while ago now, but seem to have accumulated quite a lot (although not nearly as much as some people!)
    Not sure what I’ll do with all the stuff and it may well end up on the tip after I’ve gone!! Not good for the environment – I will make more conscious choices in the future if I need to buy any more!!

  2. I agree with everything you said there ,but I’m afraid it’s too late for me , my stash is quite huge ! Having had to clear out the houses of my parents and in -laws I’m trying my best to use it all up before I run out of time !

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