Scrap with me Ep2

Rose’s graduation 👩‍🎓 layout 2

It is a very well worn clique and I will repeat it again because it is a truth that needs to be remembered, ensuring we never forget how precious time and these moments are.

My recent love of scrapbooking has taught me to saviour the good moments. Build them up as you would a balance in the bank account.

Each time I scrapbook, I remember the good times in life. You don’t tend to take too many photos of the crap moments! Thankfully 😅

I think of my emotional well-being as a bank account these days, I put in as many happy moments, I enhance those happy moments by reflecting on them as I scrapbook. Amplifying them in my emotional memory bank. When then crap moments in life happen I now have so many more happy moments to balance out the crap.

The happier I am the harder it is for the crap to infiltrate and pull me down.

My crochet is my my mindfulness and my scrapbooking is my ‘antidepressant’ although I’m also taking a medical one.

Always remember the good times!

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