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Scrap with me

I never really understood scrapbooking until last year. I’ve now discovered why it’s such a popular craft. It gives us the chance to remember and reflect on the good moments in our lives.

The latest scrap with me episode

Our brains are hard wired to remember the negative times. Adding some extra reinforcement of positive moments is a fabulous way to balance up our negativity bias.

There are many benefits to mental health from engaging in hobbies. Scrapbooking was some added therapy benefits, as detailed here

It takes time to scrapbook. Time to reflect and celebrate. Not only do I benefit mentally but I’m making memories for my family. I get a lot of enjoyment watching the family flip through the albums, engaging with each other as they too reminisce on the good times.

Join me for my latest Scrap With Me episode:

Come scrap with me

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