Caterpillar Braid

Caterpillar Braid

I love old stitch dictionaries, they are a fabulous source of stitches and inspiration. This braid pattern came from the Mon Tricot knitting dictionary. There’s no date but I’m guessing 1970s

My well used copy!

The instructions were a little baffling at first. And it took a few practice goes to get the rhythm of making these.

The pattern as in the book

caterpillar braid

Make 2 ch.; 1 d. c. in 1st of these 2 ch.; turn, 1 d. c. in loop of 2nd ch. inserting hook from back of loop:

“turn, insert hook in 2 side loops, yoh, draw through 2 loops, yoh, draw through rem. 2 loops

Mon Tricot Knitting dictionary
YouTube tutorial

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