Big Crochet Star

Every Christmas tree needs a star.

Stars have forever fascinated us as human beings. We wish upon them, we chart direction by them, we divine our future in them. People we idealise are called stars ⭐️

Stars have strong connection to our spiritual and science fictional beliefs too.

I’ve read we are all made of stardust. All made from the same materials and yet all of us so unique. It is a miracle we exist at all, whether you belief in an all knowing being or the happenstance of atoms colliding.

As you make you star, maybe take the time to reflect on how wondrous are very being is.

Twinkle twinkle ⭐️


  • Panda Soft Chunky Cotton
  • 10mm crochet hook

Make a magic ring.

Round One: Chain 2, make 15 trebles into ring.

Pull magic ring tight.

Slip stitch into the first treble made. (Slightly different from the chart I drew, I prefer 2 chains to 3 these days)

Points ( make five)

Chain 6
3rd chain – Double crochet
4th chain – Half treble
5th chain – Treble
6th chain -Double treble

Skip two trebles on round one, slip stitch to the third.
Repeat four more times.

On last slip stitch, break yarn and finish.

crochet a ⭐️

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