The miracle is all around

As I sat having my coffee this morning I looked out the window and was hit! Hit hard by a sudden feeling of wonder.

So much of what we see and hear each day brings anxiety. Although if we stop, breathe and focus on this very moment in time. We look at what is around us right in this moment that feeling of awe is there.

Whether you believe it was created by a sentient being or a collision of atoms, it’s still a miracle life exists, we exist.

It’s a miracle we have evolved to build this world around us. Whether you think that’s good or not.

And I’ve only had coffee this morning! And while I’m deeply pondering and finding my joy in the moment….

Isn’t it amazing the Romans built roads that have survived 2000 years and that with all our modern technology our roads here in SA are falling apart.

Have a WONDER FULL day.

Tracy 🤎

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