String Bags – a recipe

String bags hold a lot!

Tazz isn’t the ideal yarn shop dog. He loves yarn TOO much. As a result I have a few balls of cotton I’ve had to use myself.

It was him 🥰

I tend to make up the pattern as I go with these bags. Once you understand the construction they are fast and fun to work up.


Start with 5 chains and join into the staring chain with a slip stitch to form a loop.

Round 1 Work 3 chains and 12 trebles into the loop, join with a slip stitch into third chain.

Round 2 Work 3 chains, then work 2 trebles into each treble to make 24 trebles, join with a slip stitch into third chain.

Round 3 Work 3 chains, then work (1 treble then 2 trebles) repeating (around, increasing by another 12 stitches to make 36 stitches, join with a slip stitch into third chain.

Continue increasing 12 stitches in each round until the base is as large as required.

So round 4 would be ( 1 treble, 1 treble, then 2 trebles) repeated. Round 5 would be (1,1,1,2)

I make my bag bottoms 5 rounds.

Hint: to help keep track of the increases, always V stitch in the centre of a V stitch.

Increase for base

Sides of bag

Are made with chain loops which are slip stitched into every second stitch to anchor them.

The length of the chain loops can be varied. Less stitches smaller holes, more stitches bigger holes and a bigger bag. I like 7 chains, I do like prime numbers!

Work the chain loops in a spiral until the bag is the desired length.

Work sides of bag

Top of Bag

Can be left without a top border, as in a produce bag and a long chain made and threaded through the top loops to double as the handles and closure.

Or can be crocheted around to give a firm edge. I work two double crochet stitches into each loop and one into the slip stitch. The number of stitches worked determines how wide the opening of the bag will be. Work in a spiral until the edge is as wide as you would like.



Built in Handles..

Can be incorporated into the edge by twice making a large chain and skipping a section of the double crochets before anchoring down and completing the round. Try to make sure the chain loops are balanced opposite each other. On the next round add double crochets into each of chains. Work a few more rounds to make a wider handle.

In my sample. I marked the sides, placing the chain for the handle 8 sts away on each side from the markers and worked a chain of 20 sts


PLAY …. string bags are fast to make and very easy to experiment with.

String bag

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