Learn to Crochet, beginners course

The learn to Crochet, beginners cours was recorded in 2020 as part of the now retired Thinkific school.

I’ve now uploaded it to the YouTube Channel.

Topics covered:

  • Anatomy of a crochet hook
  • yarn and their ball bands
  • how to hold the hook
  • making a chain
  • Project – making a chain necklace
  • making a UK dc/ US sc
  • Project – hair band
  • making a UK tr / US dc
  • project a wash cloth.

I’ve kept the class as simple as possible.

You will need:

Two balls of 8 ply cotton yarn and a 4 mm hook to make the projects in this class.

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Yarn care symbols can be found HERE

Projects that only need the chain stitch:

Chain stitch infinity scarf

Chain stitch bracelet

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