Learn to Crochet – A Star Garland – Christmas decorations

This simple star garland is a great pattern for someone who has mastered the basic stitches and wants to move on. It’s a nice introduction to reading crochet charts. With lots of practice of stitches that may be new, such as half treble, and double trebles.

I write my patterns in UK/Australian crochet terms, that’s how I learned crochet. These days with the easy access to American patterns via the internet it’s important to be able to use both American and International crochet terms. One of the reasons I love crochet charts is that I don’t have to convert American into UK terms!

Materials and hook

  • I used Sheepjes Catona a 4ply mercerised cotton and a 2.5mm hook.
  • 3 x 25gm balls, one in each colour, red, yellow and green; is plenty to make a garland in.
  • The stars can be made in any yarn with a hook that gives you a firm tension.

Let’s Start!

Make A Magic Ring.

Round One:  Chain 3, make 14 trebles into ring.

Pull magic ring tight. Slip stitch into third chain made.

Points ( make five)

Chain 6 

3rd chain – Double crochet

4th chain – Half treble

5th chain – Treble

6th chain -Double treble

Skip two trebles on round one, slip stitch to the third.

Repeat four more times.

On last slip stitch, break yarn and finish.

Stiffen Stars

Stars will hang nicer if they are stiffened. I use a mix of 50/50 PVA glue and water. After sewing in the ends, soak the star in the PVA and water mix, squeeze out and lay in shape on plastic to dry.

Make a chain

Chain at least 30cms before joining stars to chain.

Join stars by : double crocheting into a point. Chain more stitch and join in the next star. Leave a chain of about 30 cms at the end, to use to tie up your garland.

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