Knitted Toe Up Tube Socks 8ply

Hugs the foot

A few years ago I wrote a pattern for a 4 ply spiral toe up sock. I’d forgotten I’d planned to write an 8 ply. Living with BPD has its challenges, as well as it’s gifts. Being organised and remembering can be two of those challenges. The gift being my creativity.

Tips and tricks

Yarn: 8ply 150gms

Needles: 3.5mm needles to knit in the round. I used Addi Crasytrio and sock wonders.

Cast on 8sts using Judy’s magic cast on


Rnd 1 and odd rnds knit

Rnd 2 ( k1, kfb) (12 sts)

Rnd 4 ( k2, kfb) (16 sts)

Rnd 6 (3, kfb) (20 sts)

Continue increasing in the same manner until there are 52 sts

Next rnd knit


Place a st marker to mark beginning of round

Work (K2,p2) rib for six rounds

* Next remove marker, k1, replace marker

Work (k2,p2) rib for six rounds

Repeat from * until sock measures 40 cm

Cast off in a stretchy cast off. I recommend the Icelandic bind off. Refer to my YouTube tutorial.

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  1. Judy is their another way to cast on the 8 sts i can’t cast on to the 2 needles like you do can you help me love your sock pattern and would love to do them

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