And just like that..

My Saturday Girl turns 18!

Wow! That went fast.

Knit Spin Weave is a family business. I couldn’t be here without their love and support.

Seven years ago when we started, Lilly was 11 and would come with me on Saturdays. Spending time with mum.

No longer seven children, it’s five adults and two children. A large family in todays world. They’ve all told me they love being part of a large family. (Thankfully 😅.)

Happy Birthday my Saturday Girl. I’m so proud of the young woman you have become.

“Love you more 🥰❤️“

2 thoughts on “And just like that..”

  1. A very Happy 18th Birthday Lilly
    (one of my fondest memory was the day you were born and seeing my dear friend with her beautiful big smile & family so lovingly around her, she was holding a dear little bundle that was you)
    Wishing your 18th is full of love and wonderful memories today Lilly, & always
    Much love, from us all xxooxxoo

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