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Phasing out and in …

Crochet socks – on YouTube

Mmm, yeah
Life’s like a road that you travel on
When there’s one day here, and the next day gone…

Tom Cochran

I have been publishing classes to Thinkific for a few years now. The hosting costs continue to be greater than the sales. It’s time to start phasing out Thinkific and phasing in to YouTube.

Video on the way..

Those who have previous purchased classes, know I won’t be leaving you high and dry. I’ll be downloading the video content and uploading it to my YouTube channel over the next few weeks

Any pdfs and other resources I will publish to the blog or transfer to Ravelry.

Colour work class

I will still be offering live online classes via zoom. The structure will change. Instead of you having to log into Thinkific, I will be emailing you the resources and links each week. Which is easier for you, a bonus!

This months sock knitting class

I trialed the new format with last month’s Stranded knitting class. It worked well.

You will notice that there are less classes now on Thinkific, the PAID classes are still there and will remain there for another month. The free ones are no longer available and will not be available again.

It seems working for free, doesn’t help pay the bills. By adding the classes to YouTube I hope to eventually monetise the channel with ads. Plus by closing the Thinkific I will reduce the number of platforms I’m on and free up energy to work better on fewer platforms.

I am overwhelmed AND simplifying.

I can be dialectic 😁

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  1. Been inundated
    Managed to watch your YouTube video
    Really really can’t wait to give these socks 🧦 a go.
    Absolutely beautiful Tracy 👌❤️🤗

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