Reflect, rest and accept.

Reflect – Venus Bay

The last month ‘hiding under the doona’ has had its benefits. There’s a time and season for everything. Learning as much as I can about the diagnosis I was given. It’s certainly explained many of my behaviours and relationships over the years.

Rest – Venus Bay

I spent some time away from the shop. Visiting the beautiful Eyre Peninsula. Sitting beside the sea, alone and small in nature. Listening to waves, wind and the call of birds.

Pildappa Rock – experience awe

As a swim instructor and lifeguard I taught children that when in trouble in the water to..

Stop struggling, relax and float.

It’s also good advice in life.

Learning to float can be scary, it takes a lot of trust and faith. We start the skill early in the pool and it’s not a skill that comes naturally to babies, many are reluctant to lie on their backs and trust the parent, instructor and the water to support them.

I’m very much fighting and struggling to have faith and trust in the people, the universe and myself. Acceptance for me is like learning to float. It’s a skill I need to develop over time with gentleness and patience.

Find the awe

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  1. So glad you had a lovely time in Eyer Tracy
    This is a very beautiful place to visit & relax. Awesome photos, they have brought back memories of long ago
    Thank you for sharing xx

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