What’s your Values?

I joined Tash Guthrie and have been working on getting some structure in my life. Getting more done and stressing less.

One of the first modules is on figuring out my core values. Defining my values, has shown me why I’m struggling at present. I’m not living my life with my core values as a priority.

One of the symptoms of BPD is a lack of self. Being without a strong sense of identity is like not having a keel on a sailing boat. I have no stability and I’m easily thrown over. I’m constantly comparing myself to others and that is part of my bpd.

Comparing themselves with other people is a way of trying to understand who they are based on how they are treated. While everyone does this to some extent, most people eventually develop a stable enough sense of self through interacting with others that a negative interaction or two does not overly distress them. People with BPD, lacking a stable sense of self, are much more distressed by situations where they feel they are being ignored or receiving unequal treatment.


In sum: Yes, people with BPD do compare themselves with others frequently. Their reasons are understandable, once you recognize that the behavior is part of an attempt to establish a stable view of themselves. But ultimately it hurts and isolates them.

Lib Williams

An important aspect of self identify is having stable core values.

I say my number one value is family. What I do each day does not reflect that.

Bridge to nowhere Arts.

I’m focusing on spending more time with my family doing things together, making memories.

Fern and I spent a very enjoyable afternoon learning from Beverley Frensham in a Drawing Therapy class.

Fern’s dragon

2 thoughts on “What’s your Values?”

  1. Most definitely family for me & then dear friends xx
    (Very beautiful Artwork Tracy, love love 💕 your choice of colours. Both your’s & Fern’s are undoubtedly awesome)

  2. I think you are being a little too harsh on yourself, by making a diagnosis of BPD. We all go through life experiencing low self worth. Exacerbated by emotional stresses and events triggering those low self worth feelings. Family are important if you have that network. As an only child, I have learnt to cope not having family support.

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