Leahcim Wool

Pure delight

My little shop has given me a wonderful community of friends and supporters. It’s also given me many opportunities to learn and grow.

From my little shop, I’ve had the opportunity to teach for Craft Fairs and online with Rebecca Page. And to set up my own online school, which has been another way to connect and share.

Through the shop I met Rosemary Michael and her family. Our friendship has grown over the years. Rosemary and her family are Leahcim Wool.

Rosemary is a farmer and loves her wool. Since meeting Rosemary I’ve seen her expand from farming the wool to having it processed into her very own yarn. And start a new diversification to the Leahcim business. Leahcim Wool -Farm To Yarn to You.

It’s been a total honour to be a part of the production of this yarn. It’s 100% Australian, it’s grown here and processed here by other Australian Businesses.

Not only is it a uniquely Australian Product is also an amazing wool. The wool is a result of over 30 years of scientific breeding. Producing a wool with a comfort factor of over 99%. A merino with lustre produced by breeding for roundness in the fibre, rather than ecliptical in the cross section. A wool with incredible drape and handle that I have never seen before.

No wonder Rosemary can’t keep up with supply. After recent trips to Bendigo and Hamilton sheep shows the stock is getting low! And the secret of this beautiful yarn is out!

I’m excited to be writing a series of patterns to be used to make up kits with the yarn. It’s a total delightful job.

When you do something you love you’ll never work a day in you life.

It’s not true! You work much harder and longer because it is what you love to do.

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