Take a chance, scarf pattern.

I brought a new yarn into the shop last month and felt the need to play with it. Shawlie by Sirdar is delightful to work with and the colour-ways subtle and pleasing to the eye.

I played a game as I created the scarf. I threw a dice to determine how many rows to make in each of the two colour-ways I used. It was a fun and engaging way to make the stripes random. I used a 3.5mm hook and a wave crochet stitch pattern to create my over sized scarf. I got carried away and the final scarf measures 2.3m! Without the tassels.

I love making tassels and had to make a few, to add some weight and the finishing touch to my creation.

I had the scarf blocking in the shop last week and Peter got to have the heater on to finish drying it out.

Yarn for this shawl is available on my website HERE

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For a tutorial on how to make the tassels visit HERE

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