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The life of me..

It’s all in a mornings work

I’m still ‘playing my game’ and my scarf shawl is growing. I can’t wait to finish to show it to you. It’s beautiful.

Once I’m finished I’ll share the pattern and link you to the yarn, which still hasn’t made it into the online shop!

I’m so fortunate to have a team around me and the shop. Peter doing half the shop hours, Kate who keeps me organised, gives me great advice and steps into the shop as necessary. My wonderful group of friends who cheer me on from a messenger group.

And now Chelsea who has stepped in to take the social media off my shoulders. I’m still lurking around but now I can be on socials by choice rather than by necessity. It makes a big difference to my mindset know I don’t have to be on socials.

Chelsea will also take on the newsletter. Something I’m not great at doing. Anything that requires consistency is hard for me to do. So I’m so grateful for Chelsea’s help.

Chelsea can be found on Facebook if you’re looking for some social media support

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