Let’s play a game …

Waving away the day

I’m having some fun with crocheting this shawl. I’m using two balls of Sirdar Shawlie. A new arrival in store. It’s always handy to have a finished item in the yarns I sell.

I decided to use a wave rather than chevron pattern. The difference you ask? Well the increases and decreases.

In a chevron the increases are worked on one stitch, with one decrease. With the wave the increases are on multiple stitches and multiple decreases are worked.

So what’s the fun I’m having?

Instead of planning the stripes. I’m rolling a die. This row is only one of the second colour. Time to roll the die to see how many rows I need of my first colour.

I’ll make sure I write up the pattern so you can play too.

3 thoughts on “Let’s play a game …”

  1. What fun, love the idea. Looking forward to seeing the finished shawl. Everyone’s would be different using this method.

  2. Would love to come play a game!!
    Looking lovely Tracy
    And Yes, will really love to see how your shall turns out xx🤗

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