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2022 Retreat – that’s a wrap

We (Rosie, Kate, Peter and I) ran the second KSW fibre retreat at Hummocks station the weekend gone.

It had booked out within a couple of hours of announcing the dates this time. And after saying I was going to cut the numbers, I couldn’t say no, and there were 32 at this years event.

A mix of generations attended, mothers and daughters. Women in their 70s to 10 years of age. All there being creative together. For a magical time we forgot our ages and came together as a creative group. We shared our love of making with each other.

It was an absolute honour to spend this weekend with everyone who came.

We started the workshops with a breaking the ice workshop of easy yarn mandalas with two sticks. Some of us remembered our long off school days and the younger ones where quick to remind us how much easier it can be to learn when we’re young.

The dye is slowly wearing off my hands! Although mine weren’t as blue as Chris! I did supply gloves. The Indigo dye vats were very popular with 18 of us trying our hand.

Indigo – Chris

The Earth Pallet dye was also a big hit and I amazed everyone by how easy it is to dye with Earth Pallet dyes.

The two days went fast. Peter was kept busy in the kitchen getting our meals organised and out in time. He did a fabulous job and between meals he could be found hiding in the guest kitchen, probably napping.

The fur friends were a delight to all. Tazz showed off his circus tricks and Shadow was worn out by all the hugs and walks over the weekend.

Anna’s glass painting was a hit again and Rosie and I missed out again. Where’s a time turner when you need one.

Glenda’s left hand crochet class had more righties than lefties. And all tell me that Glenda was a fabulous teacher, calm and reassuring.

Our host Rosie ran a pick up stick weaving class on the rigid Heddle loom. Rosie like Mary I taught to weave and is now more accomplished than I. It’s a great honour to teach others and then see how they take what they have learned and built on the skills.

Ingrid was also back this year teaching Domino knitting. I could almost see the smoke coming out of ears as the brains worked hard to master the concept and skills. Ingrid once more did a fabulous job of extending the skills of already accomplished knitters and open the door to new techniques.

We finished the weekend off with a massive show and tell of all the things we had learned and made.

Kat ran a mental health session which many attended and told me was invaluable. Thank you Kat.

These retreats are not only about the skills we learn it’s about building a community with shared experiences. It’s about inclusivity, economic and age.

Rosie and I work hard to ensure our retreat is accessible to those on tight budgets. We encourage younger people to take part. This year was a resounding success. I was so embarrassed by all the positive feedback and thankyous. Even gifts!

Comments about how wonderful it was to spend time with younger creatives and how it made people forget their age and feel young. The cross generational aspect was a real highlight for me. Watching Heather my daughter blossom in such a creative adult environment. She confidently dyed a dozen tshirts for the shop and instructed others in how it was done.

I saw Hazel and Noah helping Amira to learn to crochet.

The dogs too were a great icebreaker and a source of comfort for those who at times just needed to get away from the group.

A huge thank you to everyone who came this year. You made it what it was an amazing experience of being a safe, sharing, warm and creative weekend.

Rosie and Andrew Michael you are the bestest of people. I love your love for the land and animals. I love your, can do attitude. I love that you love me Rosie with all my faults and foibles you truly are a wonderful friend and I’m very grateful we met.

Tazz and I have headed off in Betsy for a couple of days and the long supporting superhero husband has the shop.

Tazz is in doggie heaven having me all to himself. I’m doing some self care. Walks on the beach, drinking lots of water, painting and journaling.

And yes there will be another next year 😀

I thank you Chris for supplying the phots ❤️

3 thoughts on “2022 Retreat – that’s a wrap”

  1. Was so lovely to read, that the Retreat weekend was more than a success and everyone enjoyed.
    The crafts are so beautiful, very well done and the photos are awesome.
    Wished we could have been be there.
    Thank you so very much for sharing Tracy xx

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